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How to Prepare For HAS Mains Exam in 2023

As the preliminary examinations are now over, aspirants must emphasize on how to prepare for the mains examination with only a few days around the corner.

 As we saw that preliminary this year was not followed on the same pattern as the previous years rather this time it was mainly focused on Statement based Questions in which aspirant’s extensive knowledge was checked. Vastness was witnessed in this year paper in which many different statements from various topics were combined in a single questions and the aspirant had to choose answers from the varying sequences of options provided in the paper.

This change in trend also provides a hint such that the vastness of the syllabus can be predicted for mains also. But, this doesn’t mean that now an aspirant has to choose various different sources to study the same thing .This in turn would only hamper his or her valuable time .Smartness would only be in limiting the resources only to the extent and relevance of the syllabus for HAS .

Here are a few pointers aspirants must remember before starting preparation for HAS mains examination.

  • Plan/Timetable:Firstly or Fore mostly what one needs to do is prepare a plan in which he or she has to calculate the window between pre and mains and then prepare a time table which should be followed strictly without any laggardness.
  • Syllabus Segregation :- no matter how many times one tries , full syllabus coverage is impossible even for the brilliant minds so it is advisable that there is no need to cover everything but repetition of what has been read or understood previously is recommended 
  • General Studies Coverage: – General Studies consisting of three papers has weight age in final selection so preferential reading or revision should be done accordingly.
  • Qualifying Papers: – Qualifying papers are generally ignored as many take them lightly and many a cases have been encountered where aspirants have been eliminated by their lazy attitude of postponing Hindi and English.
  • Answer Writing: – Clearing of preliminary examination only with factual objective questions takes effort but it won’t help you further until and unless you are able to describe answers in written format. Mains paper is descriptive in nature and selections depend upon the ability of an aspirant as to how factually correct he or she is.
  • Himachal Section :– Be it General knowledge , Geography, History ,Census, Art and Culture etc of Himachal Pradesh .Thorough revision is a must as HP carries hefty weight age in GS-1 , GS-2 and GS-3 .
  • Optional Subjects: – Optional subjects carry 200 marks in final assessment and those who are preparing for mains exams must go through them rigorously.
  • Simple Language: – Keep your answers as simple as possible is the best way to lead in general studies papers . Choosing the right keywords is necessary for mains examinations and keeping the answers concise is preferable.