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After a candidate clears the prelims stage he/she enters the Mains stage which is all about answer -writing. A good answer is a reflection of the clarity of mind of the candidate. The main aim of this stage is to test the candidate’s ability to simulate the given information into the time bound manner.

How to start Mains Answer writing from scratch?

Mains answer writing doesn’t necessarily have to begin post prelims. Here the question arises: when does one start answering writing  then? From day one? The answer to which is no. After one has gone through the syllabus once and has had a significant grasp over the issue one can start by writing small synopsis of the information. Once the candidate gathers enough confidence one can start writing answers.

Where to find questions to practice Answer Writing?

The best place to find questions is the previous year question papers for sure. But if one finds it difficult to write answers to those questions, one can start by answering the questions given at the back of the NCERT books. Small steps in the right direction will surely help.

Crisp/to the point

No beating around the bush

Legible handwriting

Use of keywords

Touch of current affairs wherever possible

Adhere to the word limit

How to get your answers evaluated?

This is where the real challenge lies. To find the correct mentor. We at Jokta Academy have a well-experienced staff to help evaluate your answers with the appropriate feedback. You can evaluate them by keeping the points mentioned above in mind. Last but not most minor practice makes a man perfect. Try to practice as many questions as you can and you shall see the improvement for yourself. For further queries or guidance about test series/study material, you can contact us at -

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